Absolute Music was set up in 2003 and is now one of the biggest music superstores in the UK. As well as selling instruments, we are at the forefront of music education giving lessons both through local schools and on a one- to-one basis. With the decrease of funding of music teaching in schools, we would like to work together to offer more access to playing instruments, vocal coaching and developing production skills. We would also like to give opportunities to the anyone who may struggle to access music due to health conditions and low income. As a result of these pressures, we decided to set up our own charity focussing on enabling people of all ages and from all backgrounds to participate in music-making.

The Absolute Music Trust was founded in 2017 in order to help and enrich the lives of people through musical activities, workshops, tuition and performances.

We are passionate about music and as educators, performers and musicians we see, every day, how music can make a difference to lives. The Absolute Music Trust creates opportunities to share and offer musical experiences to those who may not otherwise benefit from such things, spreading happiness, hope and enrichment through music. We seek to inject musical fun into the lives of people in the Dorset and Hampshire region by offering hands-on musical activities, fun workshops and even focused tuition to individuals and groups; everyone from physically disadvantaged children to the elderly, from young carers to those struggling financially, from hospice patients to those with mental health issues and addictions. We hope, by our actions, that the lives of all of the people we meet and their families will realise and enjoy the enrichment that music can bring to life.

A message from AMT’s Chief Executive

Absolute Music is proud to launch a brand new charity the Absolute Music Trust (AMT). We deliver interactive music workshops and lessons across the South. We help children and adults who struggle to access music due to financial or health reasons. Many schools are struggling to provide a music provision and our mission is to give every child the chance to discover the life-enhancing benefits of playing a musical instrument. Could you help to fundraise or simply spread the word? Music really does enrich lives and AMT is a fantastic way to help make a difference.
Alan Barclay – AMT Chief Executive / Managing Director Absolute Music